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Stands will measure 2m x 2m. They  will have U-shape,  will be made of aluminium fibre, and will have a 150 w quartz reflector, a plug, and a plotted frame for the title of the project.

Considering this, the space provided for the exhibition will be:

The back wall will be 1,80 m width x 1,50m height.
The plotted frame with the title of the project will be provided by the organizers.

Each stand will have a table and two chairs. The research folder and the materials used for the project can be displayed on the table.  Each stand may present a 35cmx 50cm flag of the country it represents.

If photographs are displayed, their source must be stated (at the bottom of the presentation framework) and  the authorization of the people who appear  in the pictures must be included in the research folder.

Glass objects or sharp elements, fuel use, electric pipes, biological materials, living organisms, and switching on engines are not allowed as well as any machine which may expose the participants or building to danger.

Participants are not allowed to use cell phones, mail or Internet connections while they are exhibiting their projects.

ENJOCITI - Tandil - Argentina - 2014