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This society requires young people to take quick decisions, to be creative, innovative and trustworthy, to work in groups, to identify problems and find solutions, developing their cognitive possibilities, building their own experiences using information, communication and all types of languages that will help them go beyond their personality dimensions. They need to be self confident, and sure of their participation in the new era of knowledge.
This meeting’s priority is for the young people to interchange and share their knowledge, learn of other cultures, think of contents diversity, and of questions that can be answered through formal investigation.

The presentation of school Projects in Science allows the students to create a context in which the studying means dealing with real problems and contributing for the development of investigation abilities such as: information spreading, values, principles and methodologies related to school science and technology.   This presentation is seen as an opportunity of deepening the knowledge as a team construction, helping the young to observe the environment, analyze ideas, daily facts, obtaining data and elaborating conclusions.
Furthermore the interchange of experiences between students of different geographic, social and economic realities undoubtedly enriches every participant’s assets.  

It is foreseen that 60 stands will be set up for the presentation of scientific Works from Young students of Level I (9-12 years old) and level II (13-19 years old), being approximately 20 from abroad and 40 from our country, representing all our provinces.


                            Level I 
(9 /12 years old)
                            Level  II
(13/ 19 years old)


  • Exact Sciences

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Technologic Advances

ENJOCITI - Tandil - Argentina - 2014