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Projects will be evaluated in order to analyze the research processes developed by the participants. Groups of evaluators composed of professionals from public and private universities, as well as specialists in the topics presented will be formed. It is worth mentioning that jury selection will also seek to ensure fairness in order to achieve equitable and objective assessments.

Evaluators will contemplate the contents of the project as a whole taking into consideration the graphical presentation on the stand, the field notes and the oral presentation as well as the respect for the social conventions. Participants will have to submit 3 (three) copies of the full project to the Scientific Review Committee in order to register it and receive the credentials.

The evaluation criteria will consider:

  • Identification of the problem
  • Hypothesis and objectives definition
  • Originality
  • The methodology used
  •  Data collection and studied population
  • The analysis and interpretation of results
  • The relationship between findings and objectives

In technology-related projects it will also be taken into account: the description of the process and /or product, technical feasibility, cost-effectiveness relationship and technological impact.

Besides, special attention will be paid to the compliance of schedules for expositions and presentations.

Regarding the oral presentation it will be sought that participants make a 5-to-10 minutes presentation of their work apart from answering questions from evaluators. The presentation of the project can be carried out by a team leader or supplemented between the members, provided that no overlaps arise in exposure.

The content suggested for inclusion in the oral exposure include the importance of the problem, the assumptions made and their contrast or testing, the main results, the conclusion and projection.

The adviser may not intervene in the exposure of students.

ENJOCITI - Tandil - Argentina - 2014