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The first International meeting of Adolescents in Science, Technology, and Innovation, ENJOCITI, is  an event which centres on the creation of a cultural exchange  with the purpose of encouraging and spreading activities concerning scientific investigation, technological development and the processes of innovation carried out by young people from different countries.

ENJOCITI is a joint initiative from Solydeus Foundation, San Ignacio School and the programme “Science Scouts”. It will take place in the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, from September 10th to September 13th of 2014. Adolescents and teachers from America, Europe, Asia and Africa will visit us to share their initiatives and inventions with Argentinean young people.

The modern world faces the challenge of projecting and adapting to a changing process that makes a quick progress towards the construction of knowledge societies. Argentina –with a vast development on the promotion of scientific and technological activities for adolescents-, opens itself to the world to receive projects presented by teens in an optimum environment bearing in mind the processes of integration of education, professionals, and community. Within this vision and convinced of giving the possibility of gathering science, technology and society, Tandil is expecting your visit.

The city of Tandil offers a variety of cultural, touristic, sports, educational, business, and professional opportunities due to its population of more than 130,000 inhabitants. It is an excellent opportunity for young people to visit us, taking profit of our touristic and cultural experiences.


  • To generate an opportunity of cultural exchange.
  • To spread out scientific activities carried out by adolescents from different countries.
  • To encourage teenagers in the participation of activities concerning scientific investigation.
  • To promote the touristic and cultural attractions of Tandil at international level.


Concerning the regional level, the event was declared of “Municipal Interest” by the Municipal Mayor of Tandil, and it was also mentioned as an event of “Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Interest” by the City Council of Tandil.

Taking into account the National Level, the aforementioned event will have a Federal and global broadcasting as groups of young investigators of all the provinces will be invited.

As to an International Level concerns, the event is supported by MILSET (International Movement for Scientific and Technological Break) which bears a broad call as it groups countries from all over the world which will be invited to participate.

Enjociti´s organizers.

ENJOCITI - Tandil - Argentina - 2014